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RED ONE Camera available in Tampa,Orlando,Miami,Jacksonville & Daytona from CMR Studios, Florida Florida RED ONE / EPIC, Camera Rental and Digtal Cinema Production & Post
CMR Studios is the first facility in Tampa, Fl to offer RED ONE production Home Page of RED ONE Florida Services available for Ultra HD Digital Production at RED ONE Florida through CMR Studios, Tampa Camera & support equipment available for rental and production in Tampa,Orlando,Miami,Jacksonville & Daytona at RED ONE Florida Samples of Ultra High Definition footage shot with the RED ONE camera by CMR Studios, Tampa for RED ONE Florida Find out more about the RED ONE camera, Production, Post, 35mm Cinema Lenses and rental from RED ONE Florida in Tampa,Orlando,Miami,Jacksonville & Daytona Contact RED ONE Florida about rental, production quotes, or to schedule a demonstration in Tampa,Orlando,Miami,Jacksonville or Daytona.
RED ONE Florida offers camera rental,production & post
RED One camera with Cooke Techno 25 - 250 zoom and Arri matte box RED One camera on Matthews Round D Round doorway dolly RED One camera in handheld configuration Zeiss Ultra Prime lens set for RED One

Digital Cinema Florida - RED Camera Equipment Available

This is a brief overview of our RED equipment list and crew services. If you have more specific questions, would like to request a quote, or learn about special package pricing, please feel free to contact us.

All Inclusive RED Camera Packages

Rentals include everything needed to shoot with our 8K RED EPIC-W or 5K EPIC-MX Cameras: Lenses, SSDs, Accessories, Camera Support and On-Set Digital Imaging Technician. (DIT)

RED Camera Packages
  • 8K EPIC-W with PL and Nikon mounts
  • RED 4" High Resolution LCD Touch Screen Display
  • DSMC2 V-Lock I/O Expander Module
  • 2 X 460gb High Speed RED Mini-Mag Solid State Drives
  • 5K EPIC-MX with PL and Nikon mounts
  • RED 5" LCD Touch Screen Display
  • REDMOTE Remote
  • 4 x 64gb Solid State Drives
  • Wooden Camera "A-Box" Audio Interface
  • 4 x 140wh RED batteries
  • RED Battery Belt Pack
  • RED battery charger
  • AC adapter
  • Element Technica Ultra Light Weight 19mm Rod System
  • Miller Tripod & Arrow 55 Head
  • Arri 6.6 X 6.6 Matte Box
  • .3, .6, .9, 1.2, UV-ND, 1.2 Gradient and HD Tru-Pol Polarized 6.6 X 6.6 Filters
  • Follow Focus w/ Extension Whips
  • "Small HD" 7" On-Camera Monitor
  • Wireless HD Director Monitoring
  • HP "Dreamcolor" 24inch Professional HD Video Monitor
  • RED Station Card Reader
  • RED Mini-Mag Card Reader
  • RED ROCKET equipped DIT station with 27" 5k Retina iMac

Included Cinema Lenses

  • RED PRO 17 - 50mm T2.9 Zoom (A very versatile lens.)
  • Cooke Techno 25 - 250mm T2.3 Zoom (A 23 pound monster lens!)
  • Arri 14mm T1.8 Prime
  • NOTE: A full set of high-speed prime lenses is available for an additional rental fee.

Add-on Accessories

  • Dana Dolly slider with Rails and Matthews Junior Stands
  • Matthews "Round-D-Round" Dolly w/ "Bazooka" Camera Mount & Seat
  • Azden and Sennheiser Shotgun and Dual Wireless Mic Systems with FMX32 Mixer
  • We also have basic lighting kits that include ARRI 575 and 300 fresnel, Colortran 1K fresnel, 2K open face quartz and fluorescent lights, multiple 1K Quartz soft boxes up to 7' in diameter, umbrellas, reflectors, gels and diffusion.
  • Pop-up Green Screen
  • 10' White and Green Seamless and Canvas Backdrop Systems
  • Totally Silent 120v AC Auxillary 110v AC Power Supplies


DIT - A Digital Imaging Technician IS INCLUDED with The RED Camera

  • So the Director, DP and AC can concentrate on getting the shots to tell your story, the DIT handles the technical aspects of operating the cameras. He also manages the files, which are essentialy the "digital film". On location download, review and back-up of files to your provided drives ensures that your footage is secure.

AC and Set Crew - Also Available

  • Our experienced crew works efficiently to keep shooting days on schedule.