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RED ONE & EPIC Camera available in Tampa,Orlando,Miami,Jacksonville & Daytona from CMR Studios, Florida DIGITAL CINEMA Florida, RED ONE & EPIC Camera Rental Production & Post
CMR Studios is the first facility in Tampa, Fl to offer RED ONE production Home Page of RED ONE Florida Ultra HD Digital Video Production services at Digital Cinema Florida|CMR Studios, Tampa RED Camera & support equipment available for rental and production in Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville & Daytona at Digital Cinema Florida Samples of Ultra High Definition footage shot with the RED ONE & EPIC cameras by CMR Studios, Tampa for Digital Cinema Florida Find out more about the EPIC & RED ONE cameraS, Production, Post, 35mm Cinema Lenses and rental from Digital Cinema Florida in Tampa,Orlando,Miami,Jacksonville & Daytona Contact Digital Cinema Florida about RED rental, production quotes, or to schedule a demonstration in Tampa,Orlando,Miami,Jacksonville or Daytona.
Digital Cinema Florida offers RED ONE camera rental,production & post
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Our EPIC & RED ONE Rental Always Comes With an Expert

We're not just a RED ONE & RED Epic camera source. Even if you just rent the RED from us we include a DIT on location to assist you with camera set-up and digital file management. We also do full HD production and post production. And it's all done by an in-house staff with the tools and experience to handle the RED workflow.

Capture & Store

When set up for film style shooting, the RED ONE camera writes up to three hours 4k REDCODE image files to a 320GB RED-RAID drive allowing you to film continuously without the hassle of loading film or changing tapes. You can reduce weight and shoot EFP style using the RED Compact Flash module that has the same capacity as a 400 foot film reel.

When shooting is complete, we transfer your files from the RED-RAID or RED-Flash to other RAID drives. This can even be done on location. Final archiving of your footage for long-term file storage and transfer is done to LTO-3 tapes, the industry standard. Since the files are your digital "film," securing multiple copies of the pure data for post production and archiving is our top priority.

HD Editing

We have three HD editing suites equipped to handle both Final Cut and Premiere workflows. Our staff can work seamlessly between Final Cut, Premiere, After Effects, Motion, Shake and Color, so we never run out of options when doing special effects or achieving the film look you want.

Compression & Delivery

The unsurpassed size and quality of footage shot on RED allows for final delivery in any format you need. From feature films to television commercials, DVD or internet, we output your production with superb results.